Sailor Moon R: The Movie screencaps Remastered (Gallery 22)

Welcome to my Sailor Moon R Movie screencaps remastered gallery. All the images that you find here were all screencapped by me. NONE of these images were taken from the internet or other sources; they were personally taken from my DVD. I spent many DAYS and HOURS upon HOURS going through each frame of the movie picking what I thought were the best shots. You may use these screencaps for layouts, icons, avatars, cels, buttons, etc. If you plan to use them for your own website make sure you give me credit by linking back to this site: I worked extremely hard making these screencaps, so please don't be greedy by taking all the images in my galleries placing them on your website. Direct linking/Hot linking is NOT possible!! Click on the thumbnail to view the original size of the image. (All open in a new window). Enjoy! ^_^

Remastered Gallery 22

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