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As the story goes (continued)

Now please keep in mind this is not entirely how the movie is. I skipped through somethings, giving a shorter rendition and mentioning things I liked or felt were important parts of the movie, giving a rough idea about the movie. And yes I use their original Japanese names because I like them better than the original English dub names. Direct linking is not allowed and also NOT POSSIBLE!

Fiore talking to Tuxedo Kamen about how they met. Mamoru groans in pain. Fiore tells Mamoru he needs to rest. Mamoru says... "You're real you came back, I thought you were just someone I made up to ease my orphanage loneliness." Fiore assures Mamoru that he's real and how their friendship kept him going and when he picked the kisenian blossom he vowed that the people of earth would pay for Mamoru's loneliness.

Meanwhile...back on earth Artemis and Luna are telling the senshi (scouts) about the Kisenian Blossom. They go on to say, on her own she's just a another flower but if she uses someone with a vulnerable heart as a host it gives her great strength.. (In this case it's Fiore) They figure out that Fiore must be hiding on the planet approaching earth (the meteor) and they must go and destroy Kisenian and bring Tuxedo Kamen back safe and sound.

Sailor Moon chimes in and says "There's no way it's to dangerous we're not going anywhere! It's my fault and I wont lose anymore friends I'm not strong enough, Tuxedo, I'm sorry I'm such a wimp who needs protection." Mars jumps in says "That's not true. ChibiUsa and the senshi tell Sailor Moon she's a lot stronger than she thinks and that her and Tuxedo are what keeps them all together and they have to do this for Tuxedo Kamen.

All the senshi form a circle and Luna and Artemis tell them to hurry up and teleport. All their colors radiate from their bodies and shoot up towards the sky and as they disappear, ChibiUsa says "Mama, Sailor Scouts return home safely.

They finally land on the meteor which is covered in kisenian blossoms. The senshi are immediately surrounded by Fiore's youma, after a few minutes of battle Fiore tells the youma to retreat, regroup and really nail the senshi..as the flower youma regroup they multiply into millions forming a huge wave. Sailor Mars shoves Sailor Moon out of the way as the wave of flowers engulf the senshi.

This can't be happening...
Sailor Moon watches in terror and disbelief as the ground literally swallows the senshi alive. Horrified and panic stricken she runs up the hill to where they are and frantically tries to dig them out crying and saying "No I don't believe this, please you guys don't do this I need you I can't do this by myself." Suddenly you hear Fiore say "What a coward I saw how you abandon your friends What a wimp!"

Sailor Moon gets ready to use her Moon Scepter. Fiore shouts "STOP!" (making a vine rise out of the ground holding the scouts/senshi) Fiore tells Sailor Moon to surrender and hand over the Scepter or she'll lose her friends.The senshi get electricuted. Sailor Moon cries out "STOP!!" Fiore says, "The Scepter or your fellow scouts it's your call." The scouts tell Sailor Moon to never give up the Scepter not even for them. Fiore interrupts "What's your choice are you going to abandon them again?"

You win..

Sailor Moon answers "Never, you win I'm sorry I can't turn my back on my friends I can't bare to see them in pain anymore" Fiore affected by Sailor Moon's pure heart, weakens. The Senshi fall from the vine to the ground. Kisenian starts talking to Fiore and taking over him as they fuse and become one.


During this time.....Tuxedo Kamen who is still very much in pain from his injuries pushes with all his might breaking free from the healing tank that Fiore put him in to heal his wounds. He says ..."You are not my friend!" (meaning Fiore). In the Japanese version Tuxedo Kamen says... "Usako"... ^.^...

Meanwhile... Fiore suddenly appears in front of Sailor Moon blasting her back into a bolder, the impact of her body hitting it makes it break. At the sametime Fiore grabs her from behind and begins sucking away her life energy! Sailor Moon screaming in painful agony, Fiore says "Give up your claim on Mamoru's heart and I'll stop, you don't know what it's like to be lonely" Letting her lifeless body fall to the ground.

Fiore about to kill Sailor Moon... Sailor Venus shouts "DON'T!" The scouts/senshi try to convince Fiore that Sailor Moon is a good person and he too could be her friend and that Kisenian is evil and will destroy him. Fiore thinks the senshi are trying to trick him. Now furious he screams, "TIME TO DIE!!!!" The senshi cry out SAILOR MOON!!

Out of no where a rose shoots into Fiore's chest! Fiore stunned and confused looks down at the rose and mutters out "A...red....rose." Fiore looks over at Tuxedo Kamen standing over in the distance and questions "You choose them?"

Mamoru says "Yes." as he falls to his knees. Sailor Venus says happily "He got out!" as Mamoru falls to the ground. Fiore not understanding how Mamoru could choose Sailor Moon and the Senshi over him cries out in disbelief "Mamoru!"

Kisenian's hold over Fiore starts to weaken and he falls to the ground. Kisenian tells Fiore to get rid of Mamoru. Fiore says "We're like brothers we've shared the same pain. All I hoped for was to be friends once more." Mamoru tells Fiore he's sorry. Fiore says goodbye to Mamou and tells him he hopes he's happy with his choice as all the flowers disappear from the planet.

The senshi think everything is going back to normal. Fiore starts laughing like a mad man saying "We've programed the core of the planet to self destruct on earth!" (The meteor plumiting out of control towards earth) Kisenian chimes in and says "Once we've landed I'll suck the earthlings dry in memory of my faithful servant!"

Sailor Moon revived rises slowly saying "You'll do no such thing Kisenian!" Getting ready to use the Moon Crystal (Ginzuishou). Seeing this, the scouts/senshi and Mamoru scream No, don't do it! Don't use the Moon Crystal it will use all you're strength and you'll die! Sailor Moon turns and reassures them,"Don't worry everything will be alright lets go home safe and sound ok?" Suddenly Fiore grabs the moon crystal on Sailor Moon's chest!

Fiore grabbing the moon crystal extremely tight making Sailor Moon lose transformation she grunts in pain as she grabs Fiore's arm and says "I can make you better, you're heart is still pure we can be friends if you trust me." Fiore shouts "You're lying!" Usagi says "Maybe you'll believe me if I show you how Mamoru became my friend." She gives Fiore visions of back in the hospital when Mamoru was a little boy....

Fiore visions Mamoru crying on his hospital bed a little girl appears and puts her hand on Mamoru's hand and putting her head in his lap. Mamoru questions "Who are you?" The little girl answers, "My name is Usagi....Why are you crying? Mamoru says-"Because my friend is leaving.. and I'll never see him again. Usagi tells Mamoru she'll be his friend too.

Usagi tells Mamoru her mommy just had a baby boy today and she bought the roses she was holding for her. Usagi hands Mamoru a rose and says- "Here it's a present." Fiore realizes Usagi gave Mamoru the rose that Mamoru had given him as a token of their friendship..The vision stops. Fiore lets go of the moon crystal and sees the crystal form into the shape of a rose.

Fiore begins to cry.. Kisenian angry yells, "Fiore take the moon crystal and get rid of her!!" Fiore no longer under Kisenian's control she screams "FIORE!" and disintegrates and Fiore vanishes. As the Senshi and Mamoru watch Usagi transform into Princess Serenity getting ready to use the Moon Crystal.

The power of love and friendship

Tuxedo Kamen still watching says, "My love" and stands up and transforms into Prince Endymion, standing along side Princess Serenity to lend her his strength. The senshi remembering how Usagi has always been there for them, they stand and walk up behind Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity forming a line taking each others hands and they too add their powers yelling out "We're here!"

With all powers combined giving the Moon Crystal enough power to change the direction of the meteor.. Suddenly Princess Serenity's eyes turn black, the Moon Crystal shatters in a million pieces as Princess Serenity falls backwards.

Transformed back into Sailor Moon in Mamoru's arms looking down at her terrified and in shock. The Senshi are crying and shaking Sailor Moon telling her to wake up and saying she lied to them because she said everything would be alright. Mamoru visions Fiore. Fiore says, "I made you a promise, Mamoru you and Sailor Moon delivered me from Kisenian's evil grasp. Thanks to you I can still give you this. (Fiore holds up a flower) This is the Friendship flower it holds my life energy. Give it's nectar to Sailor Moon."

Mamoru then presses his lips to the flower and then he kisses Sailor Moon who lies dead in his arms, transferring the nectar to her. Her transformation broach restores and the Moon Crystal regenerates. The Senshi gasp with delight as Sailor Moon's eyes open slowly.

Sailor Moon looking up at Mamoru asks, "Did we save earth?" Mamoru answers, "Yes" As she looks over at the Senshi, Usagi says "Thank you" and then back up at Mamoru she says,"Without you, I never could of held the crystal until the very end... So from now on when I say it'll be alright will you believe me? Mamoru with the cutest smile ever, with tears running down his cheeks he answers "Yeah" and nods (Aww). The Senshi hug Sailor Moon and tell her they love her.

The End

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