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As the story goes

Now please keep in mind this is not entirely how the movie is. I skipped through somethings, giving a shorter rendition and mentioning things I liked or felt were important parts of the movie, giving a rough idea about the movie. And yes I use their original Japanese names because I like them better than the original English dub names. Direct linking is not allowed and also NOT POSSIBLE!

The movie starts out with a little Mamoru (about 6 years old) crying in a hospital bed for his Mother and Father who died in a horrible car crash and asking why they left him all alone. He remembers a doctor telling him they did all they could, but it was to late, and there was nothing that could be done to save his parents.

Mamoru finds a little visitor not from this world, a little alien boy named Fiore to befriend and comfort him and fill the void of his loneliness. Sadly Fiore could not exist on earth so he must leave. Very upset and crying Mamoru rushes to the hospital rooftop where Fiore had been getting ready to leave.

Mamoru gives Fiore a rose as a goodbye gift. Fiore was so happy, no one had ever given him a gift. He smiles at Mamoru and says someday I will return with many flowers for you....I promise.

Mamoru, now all grown up visiting a beautiful botanical garden with Usagi, ChibiUsa and the rest of girls, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako. Usagi and Mamoru admiring some of the beautiful flowers, Usagi tells Mamoru forget me nots are the flower of love

As Mamoru turns he sees Usagi pucker up for him to kiss her. Meanwhile ... Minako, Rei, ChibiUsa, Makoto, and Ami are spying on them behind some potted flowers!

A bit afraid to get caught kissing Usagi, Mamoru nervously scopes out the green house to make sure no one is watching. During this time the girls argue about if they should be spying on Usagi and Mamoru or not, as they wrestle to keep ChibiUsa quiet so they don't get caught.

Still a bit apprehensive about kissing Usagi.. Mamoru slowly moves in closer to kiss the awaiting Usagi. The girls still wrestling to keep ChibiUsa quiet, so Mamoru and Usagi don't know they're being spied on as they kiss. A flower pot gets knocked over.... Mamoru hearing it fall, stops and quickly moves away from Usagi...

Mamoru is outside admiring the garden with the girls shortly follow. Suddenly tons of rose petals fall from the sky! Usagi runs up to Mamoru smiling and happy about all the rosepetals. All at once, the waterfountains in the garden turn off as the rosepetals stop falling from the sky. A mysterious man appears infront of Mamoru. He apologizes for taking so long to return.

It's obvious Mamoru has no clue who the person is. The man asks if Mamoru remembers their friendship and the promise he made as he takes Mamoru's hand into his. Usagi not liking it one bit she interrupts.. Okay you're done time for me to have my pumpkin all to myself now ta ta strangedroid! Not liking what Usagi says the man shoves her as he walks away saying "No one will prevent me from keeping my promise" and disappears. Mamoru remembers the man as Fiore.

You're my family now..Usako

That night, the girls are all hanging out at Rei's. Artemis is telling them that a meteor is headed towards earth, but there's a slim chance it'll have an impact. Usagi is over in the corner away from the others trying to figure out the connection between Mamoru and Fiore. The girls are discussing how there seems to be a strange connection between Mamoru and Fiore. Ami chimes in and says "Well, it's not to strange considering how much everyone loves Mamoru" Rei says "What everyone including you!" Rei's comment starts an uproar. Usagi lays back and starts thinking about being with Mamoru in his apartment talking to him about his lonely past...

Usagi concerned about Mamoru's parents dying and how young he was she asks if Mamoru had any friends.... Mamoru says no but that was the past. Now I have you and since I met you I haven't had a single lonely day. You're my family now.

Usagi says "You're right about that, Mamoru we are family now. That means I'll do all I can to protect you. Forever."

The next day the girls where walking home from school along with ChibiUsa. Rei senses negative energy and they all go running ChibiUsa ends up tripping and crying because they left her behind. When the girls run around the corner there are lifeless bodies everywhere on the ground.

All the bodies get up (All zombie like) and start attacking the girls. Ami notices they have vines all over them and says they are being controlled by the plants. Ami finds the main source which is a pink colored flower controlling the vined people. The flower plans to attack ChibiUsa! Usagi jumps at ChibiUsa before the flower reaches her and they fly through a restaurant window.

The evil flower or as Usagi calls it "The wicked weed" turns and attacks Ami and Rei! Minako and Makoto transform into Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter and try to destroy it. Giving Rei and Ami enough time to transform. The wicked weed then attacks all the scouts draining them of all their energy. Sailor Moon appears and helps destroy the weed!

All of a sudden Fiore appears. Everyone looks shocked. Sailor Moon shouts out you're behind this? Fiore sarcastically says, "Yes, but you know no one works totally alone." A flower like woman mysteriously appears on his chest. Luna and Artemis gasp recognizing her as the evil Kisenian Blossom.

Fiore blasts Mercury, Venus and Mars wiping them out and then laughs. Sailor Jupiter yells that's not funny and tries to defeat Fiore but fails. Fiore hits her so hard she goes flying into a telephone booth crashing through the glass! Fiore laughs smugly at Sailor Moon and says. " We've done the sailor scout hash now lets try the moon kabobs!" Fiore plans to attack her!

A rose pierces into the ground infront of Fiore stopping him in his tracks! Tuxedo Mask/Kamen appears! (Yay ^.^) Fiore seeing the rose says "Mamoru you remembered the promise we made all those years ago!" Tuxedo Kamen tries to convince Fiore that he can trust Sailor Moon and that she could be his friend too. Fiore tells Tuxedo Kamen that Sailor Moon has him fooled and tries to stab her!

Tuxedo Kamen jumps infront of Sailor Moon to protect her and gets stabbed instead (NO!). Fiore is shocked that he hurt Mamoru and confused because he doesn't understand why Mamoru would go to such great lengths to protect Sailor Moon/Usagi.

Fiore still shocked and confused says to himself. "I can't lose him now he's the only friend I've ever had." Then he takes Tuxedo! *cries* Sailor Moon runs after Fiore screaming BRING HIM BACK!!! Fiore floats up and away disappearing. In disbelief Sailor Moon falls to her knees crying out Tuxedo... and weeps. The scene fades away to....

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