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Opened: May 05, 2004
Last updated: February 19, 2015
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October 08, 2014: I'm finally getting a chance to post on here...I just recently re-screencapped Sailor Moon R: The Movie! The old images looked really bad; I did screencap it many, many years ago on one of my first computers. I bought the movie again, since the one I had was so old and worn out... It's amazing how much I love the movie and still one of my favorites after all this time.. But anyway the new sceencaps look a 100% better, they are bigger much better quality than before, more colorful too! There isn't quite as many as there was a originally, but there is still A LOT!! There's 2582 images, and 34 pages in the gallery!! Enjoy!!

February 04, 2014: A very warm welcome to our newest affiliates, Dark Fire - The Cooan Fanlisting, Pragmatic - The Sailor Lead Crow Fanlisting and White Route - The Route Venus Fanlisting.

August 05, 2013: Upon viewing my site tracker it appears quite a few visitors to this site seem to be having problems getting into my screencap gallery. I don't know why I'm bothering to put this here, but, if you would just READ THE RULES on the galleries main index page, you would be able to figure it out. But who am I kidding? No one will probably even bother to read this here...

April 09, 2013: I just recently moved my domain usagiandmamorusuniverse.com, which includes this site to DreamHost. Unfortunately some things didn't make it during the move I did fix the things I ran into, but there are still things missing and I'm working on getting all fixed, as soon as I can. Read more about it here.

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