Video Clips - Act One

Here you will find Video clips that I ripped from my PGSM Live Action DVD's. All the clips are in WMV format, I chose this format because it seems to be the easiest format for most to open. You can use VLC, or Windows Media Player to view the clips.

After stealing more jewels trying to find the Silver Crystal (Ginzuishou) Tuxedo Kamen runs into Sailor Venus.


                                    Hello Kitty?
Late for school, Usagi runs to class in a panic. A kitty mysteriously falls from the sky, landing on Usagi's head!


Usagi and Mamoru's very first encounter with eachother


                                  Am I Dreaming?
Luna finally introduces herself to Usagi. Freaked out by a talking cat, Usagi thinks she's a sleep dreaming the whole thing.


                                        Flat Cat
Usagi trying to climb in a high window slips, and falls on Luna! Watch! :p


                                    Moon Power
Luna gives Usagi her henshin / transformation items (heart moon necklace & lipstick)


                                I am Sailor Moon!
Usagi confronts one of Jadeite's youma, possessing Naru's Mom. The youma starts attacking, and chasing after Usagi. Luna urges Usagi to transform to Sailor Moon she does, and defeats the youma which angers Jadeite. - - Watch the rest!

(This clip is a bit long, so be patient for it to download!)



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