Video Clips - Act Zero

Here you will find Video clips that I ripped from my PGSM Live Action DVD's. All the clips are in WMV format, I chose this format because it seems to be the easiest format for most to open. You can use VLC, or Windows Media Player to view the clips.

                            Kirari*Sailor Dream!
The opening theme song Kirari*Sailor Dream! lyrics were written by Naoko Takeuchi, and performed by J-pop singer Sae. It always puts a smile on my face when ever I hear it. ^_^ -- See the lyrics!


                            The birth of Sailor V
Minako's very first transformation into Sailor V after her first introduction to Artemis on Christmas. She's in disbelief and in awe of it all! It's one if my favorite scenes from act zero.


                          Who is that masked man?
A short clip of Mamoru to Tuxedo Kamen Who is that masked man? He is such a hottie..


                            AINO MINAKOOOOOO!!!
Usagi, being excited about the release of Minako's new album, screams Aino Minako several times. Freaking out Sailor V who is watching in the distance, someone else is watching Sailor V run off.


Q.T. Kenko is a evil jewel thief/ magician who is caught by Sailor V with a little help from her friend Sailor Nito!


                              Sailor of the Senshi?
That's right, you heard what she said - it's Sailor of the Senshi Sailor Nito to the rescue, watch out all you evil doers!!


                                     Who are you?
After Q.T. Kenko is arrested, Sailor V sees a mysterious masked man run off with the briefcase filled of jewels Q.T. Kenko tried to steal. She stops him, and asks, "who are you?", and he replies... "Tuxedo Kamen." - - watch the rest..


                                 Shooting Star Luna
Usagi looking up at the moon, thinks she just saw a shooting star. But it's actually Luna coming to Usagi on earth. This is the end of Act Zero - - Next is Act One...


                                    Tuxedo Power!!!
Mamoru tells Usagi a story of when he was a small boy, a mysterious man dressed in a tuxedo helped him up after a fall in the park. The man transformed a daisy into band-aids placing one on his scraped knee. Waving his hand over the band-aid saying Tuxedo Power healing the scrape.. - - Watch the rest!


Act 1

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