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I was considering taking down these pages of my old art, but I guess they really aren't that bad for how old they are. Some of them are older than Usagi and Mamoru's Universe. Well you came here, so I guess you want to see my art work ^_^! Along with my images there is a little story. Some of them are getting pretty old, I really haven't had the chance to make anything new lately, but I hope you like them ^_^.,, Please don't take any. Thank you - Usagi...

This was a black and white manga image of Usagi and Mamoru that I really like so I decided to redraw it and color it in. It's not really my best work, Mamoru's head looks all demented and both Usagi and Mamoru's skin looks funny. There are other things too but those are just a few examples. It's one of my earlier ones. Sometimes it can be extremely hard to redo or color in black and white manga.

This picture was originally two separate images. The original image of Usagi was doujinshi from the Infinity Art book. The other was an anime image of Mamoru alone. I made a new canvas to work with and drew the background. I redrew Mamoru's shoulder, and drew a smile on his cute face ^.^. Then added Usagi. I redrew the bows in her hair. Then I added the falling snow. I did other things too but this is also one of my earlier pictures so it's been awhile and I don't remember everything I did. Even though it is one of my first pictures I redid, I really like it and it's cute!

This image was originally Mamoru (amine) as Tuxedo Mask going for the kiss (lol) yeah but anyway. I erased the mask from around Mamoru's eyes and redrew and colored back in what erased. I also made it look like he had a suit and jacket on instead of his Tuxedo and there was originally a multi colored background. I redrew it so it looked like the night sky with stars with the moon shinning down. I also drew in Usagi's hair here and there. It's one of my favorites and It was used to enter my anime galleries years ago.

Now this image I totally redid and it took me FOREVER to do! Keep in mind I'm lousy at explaining how I do these works of art ^^; and I'm only giving you a short idea of what I did to put these images the way you see them now. Originally Mamoru was manga with Usagi, a very beautiful picture I must say that I like very much. But I thought the anime image of Sailor Moon was to cute and she needed her Mamo-chan next to her ^.^. So I got the idea to take the Manga Mamoru and make him look anime. Not an easy task especially when you don't know what the heck you're doing.....First I erased Usagi away from Mamoru in the manga image and completely erased the background behind him. It gets pretty detailed put has you can see I completely redrew his hair, eyes, face, jaw line. You name it I redid it. I hate Mamoru's white shirt in the art book manga image, yep you guessed it I redrew it and changed the color to blue. AND Then.... I started working on Sailor Moon, this picture was really hard to work with, It was sort of distorted. I erased the background behind Sailor Moon. A lot of her and hair had to be redrawn and her eyes. I fixed up her tiara as well and I drew her a new star earring. Ok well this is starting to drag out so I'll show the before pictures so you can see for yourselves. (click the thumbnail to see the original images). Both open in a new window.
Mamoru before--> <--Sailor Moon before
Someday when I have time I'd like redo it. I was really disappointed with the way some of it turned out.

This was originally a black and white manga picture and it's one of my favorites. I redrew some of it and colored in. It took me quite awhile to finish it but it wasn't to frustrating to work on. I was actually pretty happy with the outcome except the moon kind of looks like a big jaw breaker behind Mamoru's head lol! (click the thumbnail to see the original image). Opens in a new window.
Before picture --> Before reconstruction

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