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Here you'll find a map of the entire site, listed in order of the site menu to help you navigate through the site if you're having trouble finding your way around. For your convenience I have created a link to all the main pages, with the sub pages in bold including a short description of each individual page.
Last updated: (December 06, 2019).

Site Map: 
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  • About The Layout: Information about the current layout.
  • About Past Layouts: Information about past layouts.
  • Awards Won: Awesome awards given to Usagi and Mamoru's Universe..
  • Black List: A list of shameful people who have stolen and or direct linked from this site.
  • Contact Webmistress: A few ways on how you can get in touch with me.
  • Credits and Thanks: The wonderful people who have helped me make this site possible.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Check here to see if your questions have already been answered .
  • Fun Stuff: Bored... Go here.
  • Gifts: Wonderful gifts given to me by really sweet people.
  • Image Policy and Guidelines: Do I really need to explain this one?
  • Information: Very intersting mythology inspire reads and more,
  • Site Info: Little tidbits of information about the site/domain..
  • Updates Archived: Archives of previous updates, and news.
  • Usagi's Art: My old computer art...


The only website online where you'll find a huge collection of Sailor Moon Drops Wallpapers!
  • Desktop Wallpapers: Usagi & Mamoru Desktop Wallpapers (and much more...) for your computer desktop only.
  • Forum Signatures: For you to add little pazazz to your forum. Created by me.
  • Icons: Usagi & Mamoru 100 x 100 icons for you use with your Live Journal and so on.
  • Music & Video Clips: Music and Video Clips created by yours truly.
  • UMU Jukebox: Music for you to listen to, and save to your computer.


This section is an on going project as I scan, and screencap adding better quality images -- Also in the process of adding many new galleries with a ton of images for the Live Action and the New Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Crystal).
  • Anime: DVD screencaps and scans.
  • Artbook Scans: Colored Manga scans.
  • Black & White Manga: Black & White scans.
  • Fan Art: Beautiful fanart by very talented artists.
  • Live Action: DVD screencaps and Scans.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal: The new Sailor Moon reboot - DVD screencaps, scans and lots more with a ton of extras...

  • Forever I Promise: Usagi and Mamoru's fanlisting owned by me (Usagi). Approved by and listed at The Anime Fanlistings Network, The and the Hosted by the amazing Carissa of (Thank you so much Ris! ).

  • Forever I Promise: Anime Fanlistings Network, and The approved fanlisting for Chiba Mamoru and Tsukino Usagi.
  • La Smoking Bomber: Anime Fanlistings Network, and The approved fanlisting for the gorgeous Chiba Mamoru.
  • The Kept Promise: Anime Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R: The Movie (Promise of the Rose).

  • Sign the guestbook: and leave your comments, or see what other vistors have said.

  • Joined & Adopted: Joined fanlistings, cliques, and things I've adopted.

  • Contact Webmistress: Ways to contact me.
  • Joined & Adopted: Joined fanlistings, cliques, and things I've adopted.
  • Link Here: Banners and buttons for linking to the site.
  • Links Out: Links to other websites.
  • Sign/View Guestbook: Same as above. ^^
  • Sisters & Affiliates: Our beloved sisters and affiliates.

  • Home: Takes you back to the home page of this site.

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