UMU Jukebox

Here are some midis/mp3s/wavs, I've collected over the years, for you to listen to, listed in alphabetical order. If there's one you want for yourself right click on the link of the song you like, then click "save target as" save it to your computer. If you plan to use it on your site, upload it to your own server... DIRECTLINKING/HOTLINKING - NOT Possible!! -- Enjoy!

Ai wa Energy
Chibi-Usa's Song
It's a new day
Just My Love
Moonlight Destiny
Moon Revenge
Morning Song
My Only Love
My Only Love 2
Power of Love
Rainy day man
Sailor Moon Theme
Serenity's song
Setsuna's Song
Star Locket
Suki-to-itte ~ say you love me
Tuxedo Kamen
Tuxedo Mirage
Tuxedo's background music
Tuxs Song
Usagi has come
Will you miss me

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