100 x 100 Icons

Here you will find Usagi & Mamoru 100 x 100 icons. Do not redistribute or claim as your own. Crediting me, Usagi if you use these you must link back to this site: http://www.usagiandmamorusuniverse.com. Thanks!

Even though direct linking/hot linking, is NOT POSSIBLE, there are still a few rules you MUST follow, because I put my heart, sweat and tears into these icons.

  • Do not redistribute placing them on other websites, forums, claiming them as your own.
  • Do not add them to icon collections on any website, period.
  • Do not alter or change them in any way. They stay the way I made them.
  • You may use them for your Live Journal, Tumblr, Blog or Website - (like I do with updates).
  • If you DO use my icons - you must credit me (Usagi) with a link back:
    (http://www.usagiandmamorusuniverse.com). It can be a simple text link, or button link.
  • Please respect me and my work and do as I ask. Thank you!
  • Have fun and enjoy the icons! ^_^
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