Image Policy & Guidelines

You may use the images from my galleries (except the fanart) for making graphics or whatever you want to use them for. Please save them to your computer and upload them to your own server. DIRECT LINKING - NOT POSSIBLE! Most of the images in the galleries were scanned, screencapped and edited by me (Usagi), so if you do use my images, I do expect you to give me credit. I spend a lot of time screencapping scanning, uploading images and adding them to the site, it may not seem it, but it's a lot of work sucking up endless hours. It can be a simple text link example: Usagi and Mamoru's Universe, or a button link link to: Please do not be greedy by taking all the images in my galleries placing them on your website. You may NOT take any fanart, period - all fanart stays here where it belongs! Thank you!!

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