Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to questions I'm asked a lot...

Is your name really Usagi?: No, Usagi is not my "real" name, it's my nick name, given to me by my best friends, from way back when we started getting into Sailor Moon many, many, many moons ago. All my friends, family and pretty much anyone I know in my "real" life off the internet, call me Usagi, so I've always used the name online as well. If you must know my "real" name, it's Saundra.

Are you Sailor Moon?: No, I'm not. She's a fictional character created by the great Naoko Takeuchi. Sorry guys she's not a real person..

Your layout is awesome can I use it! PLEASE?: I'm happy you like my layout, and you think it's awesome, but NO you may NOT use my layout! Sorry I work extremely hard on all my layouts or anything else I make for this site. I desperately try to make my site different and unique. If you made something and spent endless hours on it would you want someone else to take it ab use it? Of course not. Ever hear that saying? "Copying someone is the sincerest form of flattery" well, is not true, it's not flattering, it's definitely not sincere, it's a form of extreme irritation, it's insulting, not to mention annoying.

Do you allow direct/hot linking on this site?: Absolutely not! Direct linking is disabled on this site and NOT POSSIBLE! See here.

*NOTE: I do not know Naoko Takeuchi the creator of Usagi, Mamoru - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. (Believe me, I wish I did! ). And No, I can't say hello to Mamoru for you. I know he's sexy and awesome, but sadly he's only a fictional character, not real... I'm simply just a fan, like you!!

What do I do, if I find an error, or a broken link/image - etc on the site?: PLEASE, please tell me, let me know, so I can fix whatever it is - E-mail me - usagi{at}usagiandmamorusuniverse{dot}com, or tell me in the guestbook. I really try not to make mistakes and I do double check everything trust me, but I am only human, I'm not perfect! By telling me about any errors, or mistakes helps me out greatly.

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