Credits and Thanks

Here is where I give credit, and thanks to people who have helped me make this site possible...

Naoko Takeuchi: Without her amazing creation of my beloved Chiba Mamoru and Tsukino Usagi. This site would not be possible at all! Thank you so much!

Aaron (my better half, my love): Thanks for your love, patience, understanding, and just putting up with me going on and on about things to do with this site. I don't know what I would do without you, and I seriously hope I never have to find out. You're my heart, and I love you more than mere words can express. <3

Minako: my best friend to the end... Thank you for always being there when I need you with your inspiration, encouragement, and seeming to be the one I take all my moods out on, and yet you're still my bestfriend. And as always thank you for every single fan art you've ever drawn for me over these many, many, many years. I love you <3. This site would definitely not still be here, if wasn't for you, and Aaron too!.

Carissa (Ris): Thanks for your encouragement, inspiration, friendship, and always making me see a better side of a bad situation. And always willing to lend me a helping hand when I need it.

Bunnybeth: Thanks for your inspiration, encouragement, friendship, and helping me out with things when I need it. Miss you, wish you were still around.

Monica: Thank you for your encouragement, inspiration, friendship, and the countless times you've been there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on.

Hoshichan (Danielle): Thanks for your inspiration, encouragement, and your words of wisdom, keeping me on my toes ^^ teaching me a thing or two.

Es-chan, Esther Autret, Rahoom, Moon & Venus, Erika: Thank you to all for your amazing fan art! Thank you to the ones who have given me inspiration, encouragement, friendship, and support throughout the years with this site, it means a lot to me...

Check out the Links Out for more credits....

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