Contact Usagi

Here are a few ways to contact the owner Usagi the webmistress of this site...

Guestbook » You can always leave me a message in the guestbook. If it makes you feel more comfortable you can set it as a private message that no one will see but me.

Send an e-mail : (usagi{at}usagiandmamorusuniverse{dot}com) - I usually respond fairly quickly depending upon how busy I am at the time you send your e-mail. I like receiving e-mails, getting positve feed back and, or helpful critism, it helps me make the site that much better, as long as it's not spam, or someone whinning. Most likely, if I don't see anything in the subject line for the e-mail I will not open it and just delete it, I take it as spam. ALL spam goes directly into the trash where it belongs.

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