Black List

I decided to make a "BLACK LIST" for those people who don't like to follow rules. Such as stealing my graphics, fanart and claiming it as their own and direct linking to my files. Which by the way is illegal. After e-mailing and talking to a few people I realized some people actually have no clue what direct linking is, so below is an explanation. After reading this you can't say "I didn't know", and then direct link anyway, then you're just rude and plan lazy. I'm usually a very nice person, and I honestly don't like having something like this on my site, but when people steal, from me, and my site, it angers me beyond belief so don't do it! If you're put on this list, you will never be taken off!

What is direct linking you ask? When you don't save an image (or whatever the file may be) on someone's website to your computer and then linking directly to it on their server. (Some call it hot linking).

How do I save an image to my computer? By right clicking your mouse on the image and then clicking "save as". But that does NOT give you permission to take other peoples graphics or fanart or whatever! If you are viewing someone's site and they say "please don't take this!" THEN DO NOT TAKE IT! And if you're not sure THEN ASK before you TAKE!

What's a server? A place (space) on the internet where you can store your images or whatever like a file cabinet. This is where you can upload images from your computer.

Direct Linking also steals Bandwidth which is paid for by the person who owns the Domain, it's not free! So you're making the Webmistress or Webmaster pay out more hard earned money because of direct linking, and you're stealing when you do this and it's wrong. Ok now that my internet lesson is over on to the black list.

07/27/18 - I was considering not putting this page back up, but I decided it was better to have it up, so people can see it and hopefully read it and realize direct linking - hotlinking, whatever you want to call it, is stealing and wrong to do. It costs the website owner money, which many don't have (like my self). It's not cheap, or free to own a website. So please don't direct link!

*Note: Most of the links on this page are old and out of date. It is also now NOT possible to direct link anything from this site!

Who: This website - Found here:
Why: I've been finding several images/wallpapers being direct linked from Usagi and Mamoru's Universe recently. I've either been too busy, or too tired and lazy to post about it lately, but I see it's beginning to get to be a lot and getting out of hand. I'm seriously getting pissed off! I have DO NOT DIRECT LINK! all over this damn site! How clearer do I have to make it??.. You want to use the images SAVE THEM TO YOUR COMPUTER AND UPLOAD THEM TO YOUR OWN EFFIN' SERVER!!! Quit being so damn lazy... I screencapped/scanned or made (wallpapers) I pay for this site and I've put my sweat and tears in to it over the years not you idiot direct linkers. This is my site you don't get the benefits of stealing my bandwidth and direct linking to MY FILES. Your stealing MONEY from me that I work damn hard for and it's illegal, so STOP DOING IT!! Also just to clarify the desktop wallpapers on this entire site are for you use on your computers desktop ONLY, NOT TO BE PLACED ON YOUR SITE OR SOME ONE ELSES WEBSITE!! Is that clear enough for you!??

Who: This website
Why: Direct linking to Forever I Promise affilate codes. DO NOT DIRECT LINK!

Who: This website
Why: For copying FallenAngelCeres' profiles clear down to her smileys. I'm sick of people stealing it's really pissing me off!

Who: Ana Sayfa : a turkish website also named My Only Love.
Why: Stole my layout image from my fanlisting My Only Love and is using it as their site avatar. They are also direct linking to Moonlit-Fantasia's (site gone) music files here.

Update: 02/ 19/ 10: Not so funny anymore I guess... Now you have to register and become a member to view the post on the forum... lol hmm I wonder why... Got something to hide???
Update: 02/ 13/ 10: Showing what true assholes they really are john@kos the Admin of this forum thinks it's a real funny joke to steal my images and written content. Yeah I guess it's really funny to joke about stealing other peoples things when you're small minded and you can't come up with your own ideas.. Promiscuous says somethng about finding the image I screencapped on google. She may have but she still came to my site and copied what I wrote and also direct linked my image.
Who: Forum user: Promiscuous ( who not only direct linked to an image from my about page on my Tsukino Usagi and Chibiusa fanlisting Nito they copied what I wrote as well.
Why: Direct linking and copying what I wrote...

Who: Gaia Online user: Luna Vampire Yuki ( who I'm not even going to bother to contact about this. I'm getting tired of lazy people who can't bother to read the NO DIRECT LINKING plastered all over this site - or just simply ignores it.
Why: Direct linking to several of my icons...

Who: Once again the same Russian Loser - with these IP ADRESSES:,, and their Platform is - Windows XP, - Internet Provider is - MTU-Inform Company, and their screen resolulotion is - 800 x 600 - Location - Russia - Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0...
Why: The WORST and the BIGGEST direct linker that I have EVER came across! Direct linked to everything from all my fanlistings codes and wallpapers to all my image galleries, wallpapers, icons and more from this site. Direct linked to just about ALL my affiliates from ALL of my sites and to all kinds of different sites through out the web. Refusing to stop and continues to do so to this very day, which spans through out the blogs this person is connected to on LIVEINTERNET.RU!

Who: LIVEINTERNET.RU The Sucko Russian Website Host to the said direct linker, and their asshole Staff Member: Maxim Zotov - E-mail address:
Why: For doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the direct linker they host allowing to happen, and continue. And for Maxim Zotov - refusing to do anything about the direct linker, and for being a condescending rude jerk.. -"We cannot forbid to set links for our users. Links are the core of the Internet, Internet whole consists of links, there is no sense in the Internet without links. If you want to deny linking your files from external sites, just deny it on YOUR site config. And than there will no reason to contact every webmaster in the world with abuses." - Direct linking is stealing and also illegal scumbag!

Who: Same loser from last post -
Why: Continues to direct link to my codes from my fanlistings AND now is direct linking to thumbnails along with the images from one of my affiliates - The Sailor Moon Funny Faces Gallery. AND is also direct linking to images from a fellow BSSM fanlisting - Beyond the Moon. Just a wonderful way to start off the new year... isn't it? >_<

Who: I'm not sure of this person's name / alias, from a -- Russian Blog
Why: Direct linking to huge amount of codes from several of my fanlistings, including many affiliate's codes from all my fanlistings! And the thing that kills me is, they're using photobucket for other images O_O
I spent quite a bit of time changing names of codes and fixing broken images on all my fanlistings! Just how I want to spend my time, like I have nothing better to do - NOT!

Who: Chrissy from Australia, a member of the Emma Watson Forum.....
Why: Direct linked to quite a few huge images of Usagi and Mamoru from this site. Did not make me very happy--
I don't understand why people think they can just direct link to whatever they desire, and don't READ the DO NOT DIRECT LINK! text that's ALL OVER THE SITE! - they must be blind or stupid! - I do have Chrissy's IP address -
This is the kind of stuff that makes me very reluctant to add more images, and graphics...
- - -

Update: 12/01/07: has frozen this website and is pending deletion.
Who: Wendy a user, also an Xanga User: Wendy Tran from Canada. MSN:
Why: Copied everything and I mean EVERYTHING as well as direct link to all the images that were included from the About Section at the Kept Promise my Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R: The Movie: (Promise of the Rose) fanlisting.

Who: Norikoivy
Why: Was direct linking to 27 codes from my Chiba Mamoru and Tsukino Usagi fanlisting along with 7 affiliate codes from the same fanlisting, and was also direct linking to 16 codes from my SMR movie fanlisting and one affiliate button from here (UMU).

Who: Neopets user: totiax, sailor251, and sera36142
Why: Direct linking to my files such as music, images, my graphics, my fanart. Claiming the graphics I make were made by her as well as my fanart! After e-mailing her several times and being ignored. Her friend e-mailed me and signed my guestbook threatening me and giving me a hard time.

Who: Cyna- Email address:
Why: Direct linked to my images ignored my e-mails....

Who: Amaya
Why: Yet again someone direct linking to my images! This is so annoying!

Who: I'm sure of this persons name but their MSN Group *rolls eyes* is named he world of anahydj.
Why: Direct linked to several of my images.

Who: Another Freaking MSN Group owner- Anime solo para chicas.
Why: Take a wild guess. O_O

Who: Nayla webblog owner- Email | Blog
Why: Mainly because she's using a 800 x 600 wallpaper I made (Usagi and Tuxedo Kamen from the manga with roses and a heart inbetween their name), for her blog's layout and couldn't even bother to link back to this site. Even after I e-mailed her several times with no response. Her friend the real thief who takes other peoples work and claims it to be her own.

Who: Elisabetta - blog owner *°§Ambrogio§°*
Why: Continuously direct links to several of my fanlisting codes (buttons). She's also direct linking to many other fanlisting owners codes. As well as graphics, and such from other websites.

Who: Sara C. Contreras T - aka- S*Usagi Saiyan de la Luna
Why: For direct linking to my fanlistings codes on her "About Me" page. Out of all the fanlisting codes she had on that page my two were the only ones she was direct linking to.

Who: chibikat- E-mail: Pink Sugar The codes she direct linked to where found here
Why: She direct linked to 4 codes from 4 of my fanlistings! What I found hilarious is she's using a no right click script so no one steals anything from her site (most of what she has on her site is direct linked to UNBELIEVEABLE!)

Who: Emmeline Vance : user
Why: She direct linked to just about every image I altered for the about section for my BSSM Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R: The Movie (Promise of the Rose) fanlistings The Kept Promise! She claims to be 32 years old in her myspace profile so her direct linking is worse than normal because she should be old enough to know better. That's just pure ass laziness! Plus on top of it those images were not for her to use. I made them for the fanlisting and for MY USE ONLY!

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