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Ok now here we have Word Search Puzzles for you to print out and try! I tried to make each word search harder as the number gets larger, ie: higher the number, the harder they get. My little sister and my best friend did some and liked them, so hopefully everyone else will! If anyone would like to contribute by sending me words, names or objects you would like me to make a word search out of, please e-mail me with them. But just remember it has to have an Usagi and Mamoru theme or I wont use it. Select the word search you want and click the link below. All open in a new window for your convenience. * Note: I used a lot of words in the 3rd word search so it prints out in 2 pages instead of 1.

1 Word Search.
2 Word Search.
3 Word Search.

Here you'll find Crossword Puzzles to print out that I hope you will enjoy! Choose the crossword puzzle you'd like to solve by clicking on one of the icons or the text link beneath it, below. At the bottom of each puzzle is a link to it's solution. If you want a bit of a challenge try to solve the puzzle before looking at the solution. All open in a new window for your convenience.

Crossword Puzzle 1   Crossword Puzzle 2   Crossword Puzzle 3

I used Free Online Puzzle Maker to make the wordsearch puzzles and the crossword puzzles.

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