The sexy man behind the mask
His full name is Chiba Mamoru, as in Japan the family name comes first. In the English dub his name is, Darien Shields. Also named Armando Chiba (in Spanish), and Milord Marzio (in Italian). Chiba Mamoru translated from Japanese into English, loosely means "Protector/Guardian of Earth".

He is also known as Tuxedo Kamen - Kamen means Mask - (Tuxedo Mask in the English dub). In the anime he was also know as Tsukikage no Knight - (Moonlight Knight in the English dub). In his past life he was Prince Endymion, the prince of earth. In the future he becomes King Endymion husband of Neo-Queen Serenity (his beloved Usagi), and father to Princess Serenity, Small Lady - (ChibiUsa).

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