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This isn't just an ordinary print it out and color it section... Since I'm so into altering images, I thought would be fun to see what you guys can come up with. Below are 8 coloring book images. Pick the one you like, and save it to your computer. Use a image editing program that you have like; Paint Shop Pro 7, Adobe, Paint, or whatever, and do your best to color it, change it. When you finish it, save it in jpg, gif, png, and then e-mail it to me! If I like it, and I see you tried your best, I'll add it to the gallery below! Have fun! ^_^

Here are two examples of what I did: I'm only showing you these to give you an idea of what you can do, please don't copy them.

After you've chosen the image you like below click on the thumbnail to view the original size, then right click your mouse on the image, and click "Save picture as" saving it to your computer. (All open in new window).

This gallery is for your viewing pleasure, and to see how creative people can be. Please do not take them and claim them as your own or place them on your own website. Thank you! Click on the thumbnail to view it's original size. (All open in new window).

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