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Mythology: The famous myth surrounding Endymion involves the Moon goddess Selene who fell in love with him. She found him asleep in a cave or upon the hill of Mount Latmos, and loved him. Some sources say Selene put Endymion to sleep to visit and embrace him every night, others claim it was so he would never age or die. She begged Zeus to grant him eternal life so she would be able to embrace him forever. Zeus complied, putting Endymion into eternal sleep and each night Selene visits him on Mt. Latmos, near Milete, in Asia Minor. With Selene he had fifty daughters (symbolic of the fifty lunar months between the Olympic games). Other sources say that the Endymion of the Selene myth is a hunter or a shepherd. But in all versions he is a youth of great beauty, who Selene falls in love with upon seeing him. Those of Elis claimed he was buried at Olympia, others say he still sleeps in the cave on Latmos.

Character Relations: The name Endymion was given to the Prince of Earth in the Sailor Moon series. Even though he was no longer a shepherd, he still remained in love with Selene, or Serenity as she is named in anime, manga, and in the live-action. The King and Queen together represent the unions of Heaven and Earth, the Sun and Moon, and Gold and Silver (all of which apply to the royal lovers of Naoko's story). Often the king is represented by a sword or the Sun.

Gold: Not only symbolic of the Sun, but also embodies the Earth's powers and its light...Besides being representative of the Earth, Mamoru is associated and in some ways representative of the Sun. In the manga, Mamoru possesses the Golden Crystal (gold represents the Sun), the same as Usagi commands the Silver Crystal. Also, Elios is both the Earth's and Mamoru's guardian. The Sun is the guardian star of Leos, which is what Mamoru is. Another note, Helios was worshipped in the land of Elis where Endymion was ruler. Many cultures portray the Sun and Moon as a partnership. In many instances, the Moon represents the feminine side. "Endymion, sleeping lover of Selene, is an allegory for the Sun shining life-giving light on the Moon.

The planet patron Earth: In particular, Helios is the patron of Mamoru and Earth, for this reason, on the Earth when the Dead Moon Circus attacked, the illness captured not only Mamoru, but Helios as well.
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