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Here I tell you about the current layout.

version: celebrating 17 years of Beautiful Radiant Love » Usagi and Mamoru's Universe has been online for 17 years! Another year gone by in a blink of an eye! I guess that's what I get for blinking ^^.

Images used in the layout of Usagi and Mamoru kissing (on the left) and Serenity and Endymion cuddling (on the right), are my scans from the
black & white manga galleries and from the colored manga gallery - (a bigger better quality scan, that was added not too long ago)!
I really wanted the layout design to have a vintage look and feel different from anything seen before. At first I was a bit unsure of colors I chose, but I think it's because it's not something I would normally pick, it was out of my comfort zone. It did grow on me after awhile and won me over.

The font I used for Usagi And Mamoru's Universe title is called Youth and Beauty - font, size 20, I used white for the color The font I used for celebrating 17 years online is called Ball Bearing, font size 14. The font I used for Beautiful Radiant Love title is called Raven Script DEMO - font, size 55. Layering pinks, blues, greys and some greens to give it the effect it has. Other fonts used throughout the site, are Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, Serif, Arial, Arial Narrow and Verdana... And tables and divs were used...

The image of Usagi and Mamoru is a black and white manga that I colored in. I wanted it to have some color, and I also redrew some parts of Usagi's hair. I wanted the heart to look like a heart shaped box. I drew the pearls and all little heart charns, hearts, moons and stars. The background texture I made was inspired by a really pretty one I found on google searching for ideas. Well that's about it. I hope everyone likes what I did!!
I never feel like small images do the layout any justice, so, if you would like to see a full version of the layout please click here ...

Happy 17th anniversary Usagi And Mamoru's Universe!!

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