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Here you'll find past updates & news from the site. But after awhile I do delete the older posts at the bottom of the list from the archives as I add newer ones. Please note some links will be out of date.

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Made by me (Usagi)December 29, 2016:
EDIT:: Added another Sailor Moon Drops Wallpaper I've been trying to get that last dang piece of wallpaper FOREVER and I finally got it!! Enjoy ^_^

8 Sailor Moon Drops Wallpapers have been added! More will be added as I get them. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish everyone the best and greatest New Year for 2017!! Enjoy the wallpapers!!

Made by me (Usagi)December 22, 2016:
Sorry for being MIA. recently, been really busy because of work and with the holidays it's been extremely difficult not having my mom here with me or my family to celebrate any. It's very sad and strange... I miss her terribly. It felt endless and like it took me longer than ever before, but I finally finished the DVD screencaps from Sailor Moon Crystal - Act.15: (Infiltration - Sailor Mars). 549 DVD screencaps have been added. 43 screencaps of Usagi and Mamoru and 487 extra DVD screencaps. As well as, 19 from (Season 2) the Opening of Black Moon. I plan to add wallpapers from the game Sailor Moon Drops soon, but in the meantime, I'll add the Christmas wallpaper below I won from a special event on the game. Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!

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Made by me (Usagi)October 31, 2016:
Happy Halloween!! Be safe and have fun!! I made the little gift below for friends and visitors of Usagi and Mamoru's Universe Please take it, if you like it and enjoy the holiday!

Made by me (Usagi)October 05, 2016:
I've added 952 new Sailor Moon Crystal DVD screencaps! 468 from Act.13: (Reincarnation) - 172 DVD screencaps of Usagi and Mamoru and 296 extra DVD screencaps. As well as, 484 from Act.14: (Conclusion & Commencement - Petite Etrangere) - 165 DVD screencaps of Usagi and Mamoru and 319 extra DVD screencaps. DVD screencaps of season 2 coming up next! I've been thinking about re-adding the tagboard, but I haven't made up my mind yet, so we'll see.

My John Love's 76th birthday is Sunday, October 09, 2016, show some love and join his fanlisting !! Thank you!

Made by me (Usagi)September 14, 2016:
My mom passed away on August 17. So I'm sure everyone can understand why I haven't been updating... I've added 483 new DVD screencaps of Act.12: (Queen Metaria/Queen Metalia) from Sailor Moon Crystal - 139 DVD screencaps of Usagi and Mamoru and 344 extra DVD screencaps.

Made by me (Usagi)August 03, 2016:
Usagi and Mamoru's Universe got a shiny new make over for it's 15 year anniversary, today August 3rd! You might want to refresh/reload, if the site looks weird. I've been working on this for awhile now, it took me longer than I expected, but I'm beyond happy to finally be finished with it all!! I also really wanted to give Mamo-chan's fanlisting La Smoking Bomber a new make over, since August 3rd is also Mamoru's birthday, but sadly there just wasn't enough time. That's the next thing I'll be doing, though. ^_^ Happy Birthday to Mamo-chan! If you would like to know more about the new layout, click here. I decided I won't be doing anymore Sailor Moon Crystal webaired screencaps after all and didn't readd the ones I already did with the new make over. It's just too much extra work for me and kind of redundant. Besides I have plenty of new DVD screencaps to add and many other new goodies coming as well!! I rescanned a few of the Artbook Scan with better bigger scans and reorganized the page and added nicer thumbnails. I triple checked everything through out the site and didn't come across any errors, but I'm only human, so, please, if anyone finds a broken link or something messed up, tell me, so I can fix it, straight a way! I hope everyone likes the make over!! Happy 15th UMU!!

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