About The Layout

Here I tell you about the current layout.

version: celebrating 16 years of Transcending Love: Usagi and Mamoru's Universe has been online for 16 years! It doesn't seem like it's actually been that long, or that many years. Feels a bit surreal.

Images used in the layout are from my scan of Serenity and Endymion from a special "Sailor Moon Crystal spotlight" insert in the magazine Anime Cutie. You'll find the scan in my Sailor Moon Crystal galleries,
I used a code written many, many years ago for one of my no longer fanlistings, My Only Love, by my old friend Ayme Jordan, (some of you may remember her as Moon Brat). I miss her and those times. I used to love it when she would surprise me with a new layout she made for one of my fanlistings, she did it quite a bit. I tinkered around with the code some to suit what I wanted for this layout.

The font I used for Usagi And Mamoru's Universe title is called Ever After - font, size 36, changing the layer properties to burn, using a lighter color over Usagi and changing the layer properties to overlay. The font I used for celebrating 16 years of Transcending Love is called Moon Flower Bold, font size 20. Other fonts used throughout the site, are Georgia, Times New Roman, Times and serif... I also used tables and divs...
If you would like to see a full version of the layout click here ... I've never used the color green for a layout on here, Yes everything with this layout is big, I wanted it that way. I get tired of making, or looking at sites with tiny puny little layouts with tiny font/text that I have to squint to barely see it... Happy 16th UMU!!

Past layouts

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