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Welcome to Usagi and Mamoru's Universe the fansite dedicated to Chiba Mamoru and Tsukino Usagi the eternal lovers of Naoko Takeuchi's amazing hit series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Covering the manga, anime, musicals, live-action and crystal versions. We've been online, since August 03, 2001. Please take a look around using the menu to the left to navigate through the site. Not sure where to begin, looking for a particular image, or just a wallpaper for your computer's desktop? Then use the site map to get on track. Let us know you came for a visit, we would really love to hear from you, sign our guestbook. Fan of me?

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Made by me (Usagi)August 07, 2017:
After thinking about for some time now, I decided to bring back the tagboard. Please, please don't make me regret that decision. Spammers will be deleted and blocked automatically... So leave your messages, or just say hello, so we know you stopped by for a visit! You'll find the tagboard down below... It turned out to be a perfect day for Mina's wedding and she of course made a beautiful Bride! I'm really beyond happy for her, I wish her nothing but the best. I'm exhausted and very happy it's all done with.

Made by me (Usagi)August 03, 2017:
Happy 16th anniversary Usagi and Mamoru's Universe Wow I still can't believe my baby UMU is 16 years old! Celebrate UMU's 16th anniversary by joining Forever I Promise, Usagi and Mamoru's fanlisting. Their love is magical, beautiful and forever...

Happy sweet 16 UMU!

Made by me (Usagi)August 01, 2017:
Happy Birthday Mamo-chan Join Mamoru's fanlisting, La Smoking Bomber to celebrate his birthday and show him some love. You know you want to!! Inbetween work and running around like a mad woman for Minako's upcoming wedding I've been working on screencaps & more. So hopefully sooner than later there will be some decent updates coming!! Stay tuned!

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