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Welcome to Usagi and Mamoru's Universe the fansite dedicated to Chiba Mamoru and Tsukino Usagi the eternal lovers of Naoko Takeuchi's amazing hit series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Covering the manga, anime, musicals, live-action and crystal versions. We've been online, since August 03, 2001. Please take a look around using the menu above to navigate through the site. The x brings you back home. Not sure where to begin, looking for a particular image, or just a wallpaper for your computer's desktop? Then use the site map to get on track. Let us know you came for a visit, we would really love to hear from you, sign our guestbook.   me?

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Made by me (Usagi)February 07, 2016:
I don't mind receiving e-mails with constructive criticism, or helpful ideas, I encourage and welcome any, happily with opened arms. But please don't send me e-mails whining and complaining telling me I need to hurry and get adding more screencaps, because I'm taking too long to add them. I'll update and add screencaps when I can, when I have the time to. This site is plenty big enough, there is many things to see and do, other than when I add screencaps... Find an image you like in The Coloring Nook, color it, send it to me and I may add it to the gallery! Check out the The Puzzle Room and solve the puzzles you're interested in and if you have an idea/suggestion for a Usagi and Mamoru related puzzle let me know - send me an e-mail! If you like to read a Sailor Moon manga, or two, go print out yourself some Book Marks! Give your computer desktop a face lift, download some Wallpapers! You can also join Usagi and Mamoru's Fanlisting, Mamoru's Fanlisting and the Promise of the Rose Fanlisting, new members are always welcomed! There is also a ton of screencaps at the Promise of the Rose Fanlisting for your viewing pleasure! You can also always sign our guestbook leave your comments, or view other visitors comments any time you like! There's plenty more too, just have look around the site ^_~. I've added 1 new 100 x 100 animated crystal icon of Usagi. I also added 494 new Sailor Moon Crystal DVD screencaps from Act.7: (Chiba Mamoru - Tuxedo Kamen) - 114 screencaps of Usagi and Mamoru and 380 extra screencaps. Hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day!

Made by me (Usagi)January 16, 2016:
So I ended up not feeling too good with my mouth and the whole left side of my face, ear and jaw hurting Christmas night after eating a Christmas cookie, actually it hurt like hell, to be honest. Went to the doctor and found out I have a clogged gland in my cheek that was/is infected and I was given antibiotics, that I'm still taking. Still hurts some, but I'm feeling a bit better. That's why I disappeared and didn't get the screencaps up when I said I would. I finally got them done and up though, so 590 new Sailor Moon Crystal DVD screencaps have been added of Act.6: (Tuxedo Mask - Tuxedo Kamen) - 157 screencaps of Usagi and Mamoru and 433 extra screencaps. I also made 2 new 100 x 100 crystal icons of Sailor Moon. Enjoy! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

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