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Made by me (Usagi)July 08, 2015:
Sorry it's been a while without any updates, I've been insanely busy. Hopefully everyone will be happy with what I have to give! ^_^ I've added 229 Sailor Moon Crystal DVD screencaps of Usagi and Mamoru from the opening, act 1 and ending. I've added 544 extra Sailor Moon Crystal DVD screencaps from the opening & act 1. And I've added 9 new cover art scans of Usagi and Mamoru as well as 10 new extra scans from Sailor Moon Crystal. All together 792 images have been added! I also made 5 new Sailor Moon Crystal icons: 1 Usagi and Mamoru - Crystal and 4 of Usagi in Usagi or Mamoru - Crystal. Have at it and enjoy!! I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July!

Made by me (Usagi)May 24, 2015:
I reorganized the Sailor Moon Crystal Galleries, I felt they were way to confusing. Speaking with my bestie I decided to keep going with the screencapping of the web-aired (streamed) version of Sailor Moon Crystal, we both feel, since it's a bit messed up, it's rare and unique. I've also added some beautiful cover art scans -- (and more) of Usagi and Mamoru, including some extras from my new Sailor Moon Crystal CD's/DVD's/BD's... Many new things to come!! Also added two new Usagi and Mamoru Crystal icons!

In other news: Across The Universe has a new layout!!

Made by me (Usagi)April 30, 2015:
Been very busy mainly with work, but I'm here now with some good news and a pretty decent update! Finally I have ALL the Live Action Acts (episodes)! No crappy bootleg and no stupid time stamp, thanks to my incredible amazing man who got them for me for my birthday that we recently celebrated (March 24th)! Needless to say the Live Action galleries are under construction and to start with some extra goodies, 433 screencaps have been added from Act 0: The birth Of Sailor V! I also made 3 new Live Action Icons!! Some more great news; my bestie and I got Sailor Moon Crystal acts 1-4 and more are on order from CD Japan, which should be coming soon! I haven't had a chance to screencap the ones I do have, but I will and get them up as soon as I can!

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