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April 15, 2014:
I just recently finished my newest fanlisting for my favorite TV show The Walking Dead!! Cherokee Rose ~ trail of tears!! Approved by The Fanlistings Network. I still can't believe I was approved for it, so awesome! Go check it out and if your a fan please, please join! And if you have a related fanlisting and you would like to affiliate e-mail me!!

March 19, 2014:
Just popping in to say, I apologize for the major lack of updates, but I was very ill in the beginning of the year, which you can read about over at Across The Universe in my recent updates, if you would like. Yes, I'm really behind on things with all my sites and fanlistings, including here at Usagi and Mamoru's Universe. I also work 3 jobs and had to make up the time I lost when I was ill, mommy and daddy don't pay my way or my bills...(I don't live with my parents either) -- I need money, to live and keep this site up, so I have to work, which means less time for sites, computer and internet. I'm doing the best I can to catch up... I'm hoping to have new layout up on here sooner than later, not sure when, but you will know when I do! I may not be updating like I should, or I used to, but I still love this site as much as I ever did and I DO watch over it and keep on eye it every single day! It may not appear that way, but I do. Also, if you like twitter/facebook and all sorts of social media tickles your fancy and that's your thing, great, I don't have a problem with it, go for it! But sorry, it's not really my cup of tea, or something I care to be involved with. I have enough things to care and worry about online, more than I can handle at times. I would truly appreciate, if certain people could understand and respect that without looking down their noses at me, or this site, because I don't. Thank you.

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