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Made by me (Usagi)July 07, 2017:
Only for you Ringo.... Peace and Love Have a very Happy Birthday!!! *hugs*

Made by me (Usagi)July 01, 2017:
I finally got my Tuxedo Mirage music box yesterday that I preorder in the beginning of January! (my best friend made the video mp4 with her phone, the link opens in a new window). It's really pretty! I've always wanted a music box just like the one that was shown in the closing of the original Sailor Moon S, that did play Tuxedo Mirage! It's not exactly the same, but it's pretty enough and sounds amazing! I'm getting a rotating stand for the music box, so when I have it I'll get more videos of it and show the rest of it and be able to show more of it. Check out some pictures of it below! (Click on the cropped image to see a bigger view).

Made by me (Usagi)June 10, 2017:
Sorry I disappeared and haven't been updating for sometime. Aaron and I decided to have my kitchen remodled, it was pretty horrible and embarrassing. The work took a lot longer than expected. But thanks to our amazing friend Mike my kitchen is finally finished (for the most part) and gorgeous! I've also been helping my best friend get ready for her upcoming wedding on August 5th! Her shower was this past Sunday! Things have been insanely chaotic and pretty much out of my control! I have a little bit of down time, so I have a nice update to give you all - 402 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live Action screencaps from Act.2: (Ami Becomes a Friend) have been added to the Live Action Galleries! 25 screencaps of Usagi and Mamoru and 377 extra screencaps. I heavily edited this last batch of live action screencaps, so they look better, more vibrant and more colorful. I've also added 3 more Sailor Moon Drops Wallpapers! Enjoy!!

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